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For now, this is just general musings and a space for moaning.
Note the 'For now' part of the original statement.

The story of £5 I’ll never get back…

This £5 could’ve helped kids in Africa or other developing countries, or could’ve gona towards curing diseases or even some mad woman’s cattery. Instead this has to be put on a fucking plastic card as a form of identification. Awful. Might have to spend £5 more that could go to Africa/elsewhere… in order to look more acceptable. But then I’d feel guilty.

Photobooths create lose-lose situations every time. And the cameras are clearly operated by satan’s minions. 

  1. happyhall said: You look so sophisticated and very pretty, too!
  2. philycheesecake said: You take an awfully good ID picture though :P
  3. julesblackthorning said: it isn’t that bad…you should see the picture i have in my passport. everytime my mother sees it, she starts laughing O.O
  4. andre300000000000000000000000000 said: you look very french (and very cute)
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