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In all seriousness though, this is a portacath, accessed. In case you didn’t know. The white bit is plastic and harbours a small needle that you puncture through the skin when using the port. You don’t just shove it anywhere though obviously, the little bung under the skin is where it lives, which is connected to a tube under the skin (in a main vein). This transports medication around the body super quick time AND THAT, PET. The tube sticking out helps with medication administration, the yellow bit is the clamp (to stop blood rushing into the line or other things entering it) and the green bit is the catheter top (there’s a better name for it than that but it escapes me) and that’s the bit that you screw syringes into. OOOOOH.

Oh and the filthy white plaster is covering the scar/stitches.

And the other picture is me pretending to be a spy with a spy camera. Yehhhhh.

"Smokin blunts all day"

Blunt? Blunt. James Blunt. Cunt. I SEE NO COINCIDENCES HERE.

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I know this is probably really weird but

When I watch programmes like The Voice, Xfactor, Britains Got Talent, American Idol, etc, I watch the acts perform and I think about their choice of song. Firstly I go through the obvious - was it good for them, were they pitchy, did they show off their talent, did it give me goosebumps, yadayadayada. And then I think about whether I would’ve chosen that song or even considered it at all in the first place. I think a lot of people sing songs because they’re popular and well known and familiar - some of them I think make the right decision by doing this but most of them just play it safe and kinda boring. When someone does a song in a different style or a song that less folk probably know it’s more… endearing and (for want of a better word) ‘genuine’ somehow. I’d like to think if I was doing something like that I’d choose a song I love or a song that I think says what I want to say, or would let me put my own stamp on it.

After listening to Gwen Stefani’s ‘Cool’ yesterday and seeing a few people on twitter talking about her and the return of No Doubt, I’ve been youtubing some classics I used to love. Clicked on ‘What You Waiting For’ and just thought how good the lyrics could be for an audition. Aha. The song’s too fast though. I’ve since come up with a gorgeous, slower, piano accompanied version (acapella in part) in my head and it sounds wonderful. If I could sing I’d be right on it now. Might have to sing it out to myself tomorrow just because. Not that anyone else on the ward would appreciate it. I just think it’d be great so…

Does anyone else do that? Think about what you’d do if you got 15 minutes? Or is it literally just me?